The Van Is Virtually Full!

You’ve been directed here as a participant on the ride for Friday 10th and/or Saturday 11th September. As you may know we had hoped to have 2 vehicles on the ride, but sadly one of those fell through and we could not replace it. The photos below are of our van this morning and show the very limited capacity we have. Many have already asked if we can carry bags for you during the day, previously we said yes but it must be small. Now we need to tell you just how small. The van is the only vehicle travelling the full distance on those days. We really do mean small!!

You are one of 11 (yes eleven!) riders joining us for the two days, with potentially 3 more at Colchester. Those for whom we have been able to provide camping accommodation in Colchester have been told, and you will need to bring a sleeping bag.

As you can see, our capacity for any extra luggage is tiny. The van will be at the RV on Friday morning (Downham Market station), and we will take those bags we can fit in – remember some of you will need to bring sleeping bags for the overnight in Colchester.

If your bag is too big, or too many of you bring large bags, then with regret, we will have to ask the owners of the biggest bags to make other arrangements for your kit.

Please consider bring a backpack to carry some gear (as many do on Big Battlefield Bike Ride), and (if necessary) an even smaller bag to go in the van.

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