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Hero JOGLE Relay registration update – 16th June 2021

All emails to the ride should be sent to heroJOGLErelay@outlook.com

Thank you very much for registering for the Hero JOGLE Relay.  We really appreciate your commitment to Help for Heroes and the Wounded, Injured and Sick for whom they care. 

WEBINAR ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

We are holding a webinar for riders and people interested in the ride on June 22nd at 7pm for 1 hour.  Please register here: https://my.demio.com/ref/ZIfATlMfawWZUCbz

WEBINAR ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a lot of information here to digest, so we’ll keep it compact.  If you have any questions, then just email us at the above address and we will get back to you asap.

This document will be updated over the coming weeks, we will issue it in full every time with a new date at the top.  If you go to the website https://herojoglerelay.bike/rider-registration/ then you will find the latest details, there and a link to the latest copy of this.

Registration Information

DISCLAIMER:  Please note the following disclaimer to which you agreed when you originally signed up for the ride.

The Hero JOGLE Relay ride is an independently organised event.  Although all funds raised by this event will be donated to Help for Heroes, the event is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the charity.  The organisers will make every effort to run the event on the date advertised. However, if the event is cancelled by circumstances beyond the organisers’ control, participants agree that any monies paid for entry to the event are non-refundable and will be donated to Help for Heroes.  The event organisers will not be liable for any injury to riders or damage to personal property incurred as a result of participating in this event.  All riders are responsible for arranging their own insurance cover.  It will be a mandatory requirement that all riders wear a cycle helmet to take part in this event.  If a rider does not have a cycle helmet for the event, they will not be permitted to participate, and their entry fee will not be refunded. 

Payment – we are taking payment via our GoFundMe page.  This is where all operational monies will be collected.  Any monies left in this fund at the end of the ride will be donated to Help for Heroes.  Your fee is £60 for the first day, and then £20 per extra day. The full route details are at: https://herojoglerelay.bike/the-route/

Please go to http://bit.ly/HeroJOGLEGoFundMe and make your payment there.  When you do so – please forward the entire payment confirmation email from GoFundMe (as this will be time stamped) to the above address so we can match the payment we see arriving.

Timing – payment must be made by midnight June 30th, 2021 for us to be sure we can send you your custom ride jersey in time for your participation in the ride.

JustGiving page – once you have paid – please go to http://bit.ly/heroJOGLErelay_donation  and create a team member page in your name and email us at the above address with the details including the webpage address.  You should set a target of £100 or more for your ride. 

Confirmation – once:

  • we have seen your funds arrive
  • matched your GoFundMe email to our records
  • confirmed your JustGiving page in the team page

we will

  • reply to your email to confirm your registration is complete.
  • Create and send you a custom graphic for your fundraising efforts – this will include the logo, your URL and a QR code
  • Send you links to all the other graphics we have created for you to promote your participation in the ride (these will include maps for the legs you are cycling)

Ride Information

Accommodation – if you want to stay over before or after your day (or several nights if you are cycling a few days) then you need to make your own arrangements.  It is possible you might be able to join the full distance riders, but we cannot give any undertakings at this stage

COVID-19 – we expect all riders to adhere to the appropriate guidelines for the pandemic in force on the day at their location.

Cycling pace– this is NOT a race.  You are expected to always cycle with due regard for other road users, the law, and anything else as appropriate.

Daily route – it is not necessary for you to ride every mile of the daily route.  If you (for instance) you live in the finishing town – then by all means cycle out to meet us and cycle in with us.  Whatever you want to do is fine – but if you are not doing the whole day’s route then you MUST advise us by email before the first day of the rider (28th August 2021).  If you will not be at the start or ride to the finish, then

  • For the start – tell us where you will join us, and we will endeavour to pause to meet up with you there
  • For leaving – you must notify the support staff on the day that you have finished and are returning home and leaving the ride.

Food & Water – please bring your own cycling provisions (gels etc); we shall have supplies of water for riders and tea/coffees etc at the water stops (2 a day).  We will designate a lunch stop (café/pub) where you will be able to purchase your own lunch.

Health – if you indicated that you have a health condition of which emergency services should be aware if you are involved in an incident then please ensure you bring the details written up and sealed in an envelope with your name written on the outside.  You should hand this to the support staff on the day, and retrieve it before you leave

Helmet – wearing a cycle helmet is mandatory for ride participants.

Insurance – please make your own arrangements for travel and other insurance for your participation.  This is not a race or an official British Cycling (or other) event.  Your current insurance arrangements should be in place.

Medals – Although your target is £100, we would like you to raise more.  To that goal – we shall be awarding medals to the first 10 riders to hit donations through their JustGiving page of £250

Start/Finish times – we have not yet determined the start times of the day – however we will publicise these nearer the time.  If you are not at the start by then we will go (although we may be able to leave a support staff member behind to guide you)

Social Media – our “Crayon Department” has been ridiculously busy creating many images for you to use.  Please use these in your social media campaigns.  For now, the images are the storyboards and maps we produced, although within a few days we will have fundraising specific graphics for you to use.  Please smother the internet with your appeals for donations, as well as advertising your participation.  We even have a graphic you can give to donors so that they can boast about their support and spread the message.

Support – this is an unsupported ride.  However, we hope to make arrangements for some technical support on the ride, but we do not expect to have a full mobile workshop.

We intend to liaise with local bike shops on the route for any assistance they might be able to provide.

In the event of a severe mechanical curtailing your ride, then we will give you any help that we can manage (which may extend to returning you to the start/finish as appropriate), but this help will be constrained by the needs of the other riders.  You should make appropriate arrangements for support (e.g.: family and friends) as you would for any other day out cycling.

Transport – travel to and from the start/finish of your cycling is your responsibility

Weather– as this is a long-distance ride for a few riders, we will ride each day whatever the weather (exceptional circumstances excepted).  Please come ready for the weather forecast for the day and be ready to ride in whatever a late British Summer can throw at us!

In summary

In the end, this ride is about one thing – our Wounded, Injured and Sick both serving and veteran who (along with their families) need our help.  The ride is about getting more money to that front line to help them.

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