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Where/how do we register? Follow these 3 simple steps, we will then email you confirmation of your place and other details (including how to join our JustGiving team page, get your personalised fund raising leaflet, and custom QR code).

  1. Register here: One Day Registration and register for the ride – using the correct jersey size from 1.
  2. Pay your entry fee at http://bit.ly/HeroJOGLEGoFundMe. Entry fee is £30 per day (which can be a midday-midday ride)
  3. Email us at heroJOGLErelay@outlook.com your GoFundMe payment confirmation email.

We are planning on cycling on 2 days, is that allowed? Yes! One or many – whatever you want to do. Also if you want to ride midday to midday as a “day” that’s fine too (and you only need pay a 1 day entrance).

Is the sizing guide applicable to shorts or is the size guide just for the tops? The sizing guide is for both – please see the jersey and shorts pages for more details: https://herojoglerelay.bike/the-jersey/ and https://herojoglerelay.bike/bib-shorts/

Can you use your BBBR JustGiving page, or do you need to set up a separate JustGiving page? You need a separate one, as you may not double count funds raised towards BBBR and Hero JOGLE Relay

Will we be able to chuck a small bag in the van if we’re planning on staying overnight at the destination? Yes – but only if it is small!

What kind of time do you think of setting off in the mornings roughly? We expect about 9am, but it depends on breakfast location for the full distance riders, we will publish estimated times nearer the event

Have you worked out where all the pubs are? No, but if you want to volunteer to do that – you have the route!  We have just been notified of a café location website which we may use for stops.

Is there anyone that can provide guidance/assistance on setting up fundraising page? Yes – please contact us on the Riders/Supporters Page on Facebook or at heroJOGLErelay@outlook.com

Is there an update on the auction details available? Nothing yet, but we will be updating the auction page as things change.

Are you getting a small amount back from the sale of the shirts and shorts? The GoFundMe account is being used for entry fees from which the jerseys/bibs are purchased.  The remaining funds are to be used to manage the ride costs.  Any money left over will be donated to Help for Heroes.

Bibs what is the cost? £50

Is there a deadline for raising the money? Technically no, but we would like to close the team page down after the event and the auction, so that will likely be a few weeks after the event.  So, say by the end of October.

There are people like me that have never done a BBBR ride – although we have done other mass events….so we may need a little hand holding. No need to worry on that front – we will help you however we can

It would be useful to send out a brief e-mail detailing key points/requirement for ride re fundraising etc. & As organisers, can you provide a ‘letter’ confirming our participation in the event should any of our larger sponsors require it? Please note that your JustGiving page does not require registration with the charity; however, if you setup an event (raffle, pub quiz, bucket collection etc etc) then you will need to register this with Supporter Care and have it associated with your fundraising.  In this way the Charity knows of the event and can say so and confirm to anyone who checks that it is a genuine event. Doing so will get you a Letter of Authority that you can brandish to anyone challenging you (!).

Either way you can choose to register your individual JustGiving Page (not the team one!) via https://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/give-support/fundraise/register-your-own-fundraiser/registration/

You can read more about event registration here: https://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/give-support/fundraise/register-your-own-fundraiser/

Are we able to team up with another person and do a joint just giving page? Yes – but please let us know, and alter the page targets accordingly

Will there be any tech support? REME? One of our riders notes: “I will be doing the whole ride; I am a qualified bicycle mechanic.”  We will have lots of experience and willingness to help on the ride.

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