Day 15 – The Cenotaph and a VIP – Please Donate!

A visit and a cheer from Help For Heroes CEO Melanie Waters OBE as Mel says: “You’re really making a difference”

As we said earlier today: “…in the end, it’s about the blokes. The wounded, injured and sick serving and veteran and their families…

…Give us your money. Donate here: https://bit.ly/DonateToHeroJOGLERelay Please.”


We reached £10k, can YOU help us to £15k?

We’re getting a lot of likes and love on social media, and that’s great.

But in the end, it’s about the blokes. The wounded, injured and sick serving and veteran and their families.

So, to paraphrase Bob Geldof.

Give us your money.

Donate here.



It’s not been even 4 weeks!

Hullo !  The dust is settling and for the fantastic four their achievement is just started to sink in – and hopefully their muscle soreness is receding 😊

Things are not quite over though, and we have some news, some opportunities and some updates.  In no particular order they are:

Fundraising – we’re so close!

We have raised £11,384 online at JustGiving, with a further £1,740.43 offline that comes to £13,124.43.  With the money put in buckets during the ride we are currently sitting on £14,292,36 so we are getting really close to the £15,000 target.

It’s not too late to donate or to ask your friends to donate to your JustGiving pages.  If you don’t have a JustGiving page – then Donate here.  We would be delighted to hit the £15k target before we close the page at the end of next month (30/11/2021).

Ride Jerseys – £40

We have a five jerseys left over in L, XL, 2XL.  If you want to grab one, email us I Want A Jersey! stating your preferred size (from the list).  If you have a second choice, please say so.  First come first served, although only payment (details will be sent by return) will secure.

Ride Gilets – £40

We have had sufficient interest in ride branded gilets (our minimum order is 10).  These can also have your name across the top of the back.  If you are interested, then email us I Want A Gilet!.  Please state your size (use the jersey guide at size chart). 

Ride Bib Shorts (£50)

We can order more bib shorts if we get orders for 10 or more. If you are interested in a pair, check out bib shorts and email us at I Want Some Bib Shorts! stating your preferred size.  If there is enough interest, we will send you payment details.

All clothing orders will need to be made and paid for by the end of the month (31st October)

We made the H4H website!

Read all about it 😊 Hero JOGLE Relay made the Help For Heroes website  You’ll also see both Emma and Bryn Parry joined us at Downton.

Social Media accounts and the website.

The accounts we used for HJR will be closed down in the coming weeks.  All content will remain online, but we will stop posting to them soon, and disable them.  The website will remain online to June 2022, and then change to https://herojoglerelaybike.wordpress.com (to save costs).  Make a note of this if you want to look up information after June 2022.

And there’ll be more!

There’s still more to come, but we’re not quite finished setting it up.

One of the fantastic four:

Tony writes : Lands End and the end of our journey. What an unbelievable venture with Jon, John and Neil. My bike has brought me circa 1,400 miles and we have raised circa £14,000 for our Charity Help for Heroes. It will take a little while to digest the events of the last 22 days. The JOGLE book has been signed by the three of us who made the entire trip John O’Groats to Lands End. My thanks to all who made it happen and to those of you who gave us support along the way and donations to H4H.

Road Captain John

John writes : Well we did it!
4 strangers started this crazy ride 3 weeks ago with the support of Julie, and Graham our support drivers, and PJ and Lesley on the end of the phone.
Myself, Tony, Jon and Neil have cycled almost 1500 miles to raise funds for Help for Heroes Official
So far we’ve raised almost £14k

You can still donate here https://www.justgiving.com/team/TeamH4HRelay

Trethewey War Memorial

Our last ceremony of Hero JOGLE Relay. This is the closest war memorial to the end of our Long Way Round route.

We have a volunteer piper with us for the ceremony who will be dashing to Land’s End to complete the ride for us!

What a great end to three weeks of remembrance.

The ceremony takes place at just 36 miles with under 3 miles to go. Well done team, very nearly done!

One of the fantastic four says thank you

Tony writes : As we approach our final day riding a few more photographs of the approach to day 21 and Lands End.

There are so many memories of this adventure it will take a while to digest the entire ride, the folk we have met and the consistent support along the way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and donations. I am truly humbled by the generosity and kindness shown to us along our route. .

It’s the last day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last day of the ride. The fantastic four will have done nearly 1,350 Miles. That’s just heroic.

So now it’s your turn… Much as we adore all the social media love in the end, it’s about the blokes.

The wounded, injured and sick serving and veteran and their families.

Donate here. Please.


Thank you.

Tomorrow – it ends. At Land’s End

TOMORROW is the end!!!

With a shorter day and a final ceremony at Trethewey Hero JOGLE Relay comes to an end tomorrow.

1,300 miles, lots of cycling chums, lots of laughs, a few punctures and a life experience all done.

Some are staying on for a few days to holiday, others are rushing home to return to real life.

Well done.

Day 20 – Neil writes for the last time

Neil: Day 20 (17 riding) ended in Plymouth. For me, the ride has ended as I have a pre arranged holiday booked elsewhere. Although not doing the final legs to Truro and the finish line it was a great experience (1292 miles covered, far in excess of the standard 874 miles) for which between us all we raises just shy of £13k so far for H4H.

I will not forget my “family” (JB, JK and Baggers) of full distance riders in particular nor the day riders and hope to see some if not all of them on BBBR22.

By the way, South Devon although being very delightful to look at the views it is bloody lumpy to ride!

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