The Desert Rats Memorial

When we were selecting the key navigation points we were clearly coming through East Anglia, and the Desert Rats Memorial came to mind as a something a bit different from the usual war memorials and gravesides we have visited during Hero JOGLE Relay.

Today and the next three days are the busiest on the ride for additional riders (at the time of writing). It will be good to have ceremonies that feel more like a Big Battlefield Bike Ride.

Within Norfolk Help for Heroes has reached approximately 400 veterans of all ages and from all conflicts.  Your donations to one of our riders or to the ride in general at will boost the much needed efforts of Help for Heroes to continue supporting veterans who have become injured or ill as a result of service, and reach those who need help, but have yet to find them.

In total they have supported over 26,500 beneficiaries.

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Fundraising for Help For Heroes with a "long way round" JOGLE route in August/September 2021

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