Day 12 – Neil’s report from the front

Neil writes: Day 12 (11 riding) ended at Wisbech Scout HQ. Tents for the night after a steak meal in pub.

No matter how many hills you do they don’t get any easier. You seem to need 3 things. Strength, Stamina and Determination. Unfortunately I only have one of those the other 2 need working on. However John Burns (Burnsey) is a hill muncher, rapidly followed by 68 year old Tony Bagnall and our pocket rocket in the trike Jon Knott but all of which have far greater amounts of all 3.

We have also been joined today by 3 sets of fresh legs to keep us on the ball for the trip.
Morrisons again have been great providing breakfast again at what was our local (Loughborough).

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