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When the news was announced that The Big Battlefield Bike Ride had been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Steve Craddock, a H4H volunteer, ambassador and Band of Brother set off on his own ride from his home in Kent to The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The ride was open to others who wanted to join Steve en route and share some miles on their bikes.

This was the brainchild for the Hero Jogle Relay, and from the outset we wanted it to be a relay, we wanted a passing of a baton to be part of the event.

A couple of ideas were passed around, one of which was to use the handle of a stretcher as was the case in an earlier H4H fundraising ride, but we decided to involve the guys at Veterans Woodcraft as it would showcase one of the ways that H4H helps veterans overcome their problems after leaving the forces.

Small replica batons will be given to those riders chosen to take part in the relay exchange each day as a memento and the baton used in the event will be presented to H4H at the end of the relay.

This is the Veterans’ Woodcraft story

Veterans Woodcraft was established as a not-for-profit business in December 2015 by veterans, who themselves have battled with mental health issues including PTSD.  As volunteers and with tools donated by the public, they delivered woodcraft courses and workshops to support other veterans with mental and physical health issues.

In June 2017 the business became a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Having developed to help veterans with mental and physical health conditions, mainly caused by military service, woodcraft workshops are now also delivered to blue light services, civilian groups and individuals suffering with mental and physical health issues. By working with wood, they develop new skills and confidence in order to get back into the workplace and once again become part of their community.

In 2020 we were afforded the opportunity to build a Veterans Community Hub in Newton Aycliffe. This is nearing completion and will be ready to open the door to more veterans in a matter of weeks. 

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Fundraising for Help For Heroes with a "long way round" JOGLE route in August/September 2021

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