Rider: Carol Ford

Hello, my name is Carol Ford and I’m such an avid supporter of both cycling and Help for Heroes.

My cycling hobby, as that’s what it is now, started as part of my desire to be able to do some form of sport.  I seriously started in May 2017, with a lovely little cycling club that was near to where I worked at the time.

In 2004 I was diagnosed, after 12 or so years with a condition not much talked about called PCOS (Google it), one of the most common side effects of this condition is weight gain.  In 2005 I topped the scales at just shy of 22 stones.  It took about 10 years to really start making inroads into the weight loss, due to the lack of knowledge about the condition.  Fast forward to 2017 when I discovered cycling, and then a year later when a met a lesser-known Geordie called Steve Craddock (now MBE).  Steve persuaded me to take part in his Cycle4Heroes ride in support of Help for Heroes.  On this ride I got to meet some amazing characters and inspirational people.

Since then, I’ve undertaken various events, sportives – but one of the things I was able to support was a 3-day cycle ride in which the fund raising was split between 2 charities one of them being Help for Heroes.  The business I worked for at the time allowed me to introduce them to Steve and by extension Help for Heroes.  I’m also blessed to cycle with a fantastic club called Sub Velo CC (SVCC) who again are brilliant and encouraging!

When I heard about the Hero JOGLE Relay I knew I wanted to take part in some way, and being able to do 2 days of cycling with the team of lads and lasses is such an honour.  But best of all it will be fun and supportive, not once have I ever been left behind, and all the cycling takes place in an atmosphere of kindness and friendship.

Being able to give back in my own small way means the world to me…and along the way, with the correct nutrition and sport as my training partner, I’ve managed to remain a constant 10.5 stones!

I really would encourage you to join us on this amazing cycling adventure, even if it’s just one day – you may arrive as strangers, but you’ll leave with some really wonderful friends and memories.

Best wishes, and much love, Carol

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Fundraising for Help For Heroes with a "long way round" JOGLE route in August/September 2021

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