The end.

Day 22 was a long time ago.

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Click on the map and register for a day’s cycling

Registration is only £30 and a promise to join our JustGiving fundraising team page.

Click anywhere on the map to go to the registration page

A more detailed map of the route can be found here (details subject to final confirmation)

Follow our team here!

Immediately below should have been a link to a live location map for the team. However, the technology failed us.

UPDATE: The service is intermittent, but if you go to John’s twitter feed and there is a tweet published today that starts “Watch my live activity “Shared LiveTrack” now!” then click through and you should be able to see their progress. When it works, it’s great!

Click here to donate to Help for Heroes for the ride

Click here to donate at JustGiving

Click here to donate to support the ride’s costs

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